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Terms & Conditions

By Purchasing on our site you agree to the terms and conditions, as we don't Stock 70% of our parts we sell, we will order them as you purchase and ship them in a timely manner or email you that we have Back Orders or Delays in Shipping and we will Email you updates on your orders that are out of our Control.

We depend on other Vendors to ship your items in a timely manner, and sometimes things happen that are beyond our control, we will try our best to send you your order as soon as we can. As our site DOES Charge your Card as soon as you make the order because we need to be paid before we order items that we don't stock to keep our prices low and to function as a business. As we pay our Vendors as soon as we order your items.

We accept Most Major Credit Cards, and we DO NOT ACCEPT Paypal as they have Ripped us too many times, even when we Proved our Parts WERE Delivered and Signed for! So DON'T ASK!