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Dealer Inquiries

We get Dealers asking all the time for Dealer Discounts, we are an "end user" website, we don't have the big markups on our products that most manufactures have.

In fact we get most of our parts and accessories from the same sources as dealers, Drag Specialties, Custom Chrome etc. and vendors we meet at rally's and events.

These are usually small companies that make unique products that don't give us much of a discount either, and makes it difficult to give a discount off of that!

We give our customers the same discount we would a Dealer on Volume purchases.
The more you purchase the more we can offer discounts, if your a dealer and want a discount off one or two items, we're sorry we can't offer that.

No more than we would a customer that wanted a discount off one or two items, unless they were wheels, paint jobs, wide tire kits etc. that would warrant a discount.

We are starting to manufacture our own parts and will have larger margins that we can work with with our Customers as well as Dealers, they are the "GR Customs" Body parts,
Airbox Covers, Air Dam Spoilers, Front Fenders and Rear Fenders as well as Side Vents.

If your a dealer and you have a list of items that your customers want from our site then email us at the list and we'll do the best we can.

Thank you!

AAron Aubrey
GR Customs