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Custom Shifter Rods

Custom Shifter Rods

Below we have two choices for the LENGTHS of your Shifter Rods, the FWD (forward) Hexigon and BST Shifter Linkages are Shorter than the Other ones these are Designed to go with AFTERMARKET Forward Controls that HD DOESN'T Sell!

Or for those of you that have Reversed your Footpegs on your 2012 & Up V-Rods as they changed them that year, so they go Forward the Stock Length Shifter Rods Pull the Footpegs back too far that you have to raise your foot off the pedal to Shift Gears so we made the Forward Control Shifter Linkages!

DO NOT PURCHASE the FWD Shifter Rods UNLESS you have moved your Riders Pegs Forward! As these are Shorter and will Change the Dynamic's of your Footpeg location!

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