How to Measure your Pullback on your Handlebars

How to Measure your Pullback on your Handlebars.

If you sit on your bike, and tape a string to each end of your grips, and while the bike is sitting up take a tape measure and measure the distance between the bars next to the Speedo, and to the String you have taped and that distance is your pullback!

Then measure the distance of the length of the string from the end to end to get the distance, and measure the height of your bars is simple, measure the height of the bar from the part where it starts to turn up, to the tallest part, then you have the height.

Then look at the measurements on the Bars on my Website and Compare them, you'll see how much further they go back for you!

Then you can also see the height of the New Bars and compare them to your measurements on your bars!