Installation of Side Mount License Plate w LEDs


Hold back plate up to your lower shock bolt to see if that’s where you want it. You can put it anywhere you like that’s why we didn’t already drill the holes. Mark it and lay the mount flat next to the center mark and mark your 3 holes.

PUT TAPE OVER THE AREA while you drill, this will protect the finish! Use a wood block under the plate so it won’t dent when drilling! Start with a small drill bit then go up to a 3/16” DRILL BIT once you have the holes where you want them, this will be easier to open the hole without too much effort!

Then, use a Counter Sink Drill Bit to trim the area for the bolt to fit flat as it can. By doing both sides you’ll remove all the burs!

Next screw the bolts through the inside plate into the Mount (USE RED LOCK TITE ON THE BOLTS OR THEY WILL VIBRATE LOOSE!) in the upper and lower holes.

You can test it first without Lock Tite to be sure it’s where you want it! Be sure to put the “sunken” part of the mount where the shock bolts goes in to the outside, the Shock bolt will fit into that part of the mount and be “flush”. Next, hold up to the License plate holder and put the wire down the back into the center hole and pull out the other end. Slide your License plate into the Holder and bolt on backing plate with the screws & washers We\'ve provided. Use the washer’s on the Outside of the backing plate to hold it in place. And use Red Lock Tite to secure the nuts in place on the back plate. You can adjust the Bracket in any angle you want once you have the Shock Bolt semi tightened.

You can run your wire along the top or bottom of your Swing-arm and into the hole on the inside. Feed another wire with a hard wire up the swing arm to the center of the swing-arm and pull it out. Then you can run the wire to any “HOT” wire on your bike.