About Us

GHOSTRIDER CUSTOMS is Dedicated to bring you the State of the Art Custom Products for your Motorcycle!

Based out of Southern California, we are on the Cutting Edge of the Bike Building Industry.

This gives us the Edge in our Motorcycle Design, Production and Quality of Parts and Accessories.

We are Constantly Searching for Innovative Ideas and Custom Styles that will
Separate Us from the Norm! And Our Products Prove That!

Check back with us often, we are Always Updating and Adding New Parts and Accessories.

Feel Free to Contact us at Sales@GRcustoms.com

"Most of our parts are Custom ordered, some are not in stock at time of purchase, every effort will be made to ship your item in a
timely manner, but have no control of it's availability, but will ship the same day we receive them or the next business day!

We will email you a "Confirmation Email from our email address as soon as we receive your order, so be looking for it!

And as soon as we find out if an item is back ordered we will email you and offer to Refund your Order or put it on Back Order.

Our Shipping Prices sometimes don't match what it actually costs to ship to your area, we try to be as close as we can to the ever changing postal and UPS rates, as we don't us FedX or DHL as they are too expensive but can if you have an account with them.

We Refund Shipping Overcharges back to your card after we ship, and if we need more because our site didn't charge enough for your order, then we can send you a link to pay the additional shipping cost.

We Don't Profit off Shipping, heck we don't even charge for Supplies like boxes and tape, or charge a Handling Fee like other shops do!

And we Combine your items and try to ship them together if we can without damaging them and we Refund the Shipping Overcharges on those as well.

We Welcome any of your Suggestions and Comments.