Delivery Information

We Ship USPS Priority Mail on most of our Parts, and the Heavier Larger Packages usually go UPS, or whatever Costs the Least. As we calculate the cost of shipping on each order and Choose the Least Expensive and Fastest way possible.

We don't Ship FedX or DHL as those usually costs more!

If you have a UPS or FedX account we can use your account and Refund the Shipping Charges AFTER we ship.

Now, we Don't Profit off Shipping, we just Charge what it costs to ship to you. And we Refund the Overcharge back to your card After we ship.

And we Combine as many Parts in a Box that will Ship Safely, sometimes Paint Jobs can't be shipped together or they will get damaged.

We also have issue with Foreign Countries that have Limited Size Restrictions on the Size of Boxes so sometime we have to ship two boxes but we will Contact you and let you know how and why.

Most All of our Communication will come from our email address so be sure to check your SPAM Folder as many of our Emails do end up there.