Welcome to the “Dark Side"...

This Hi-Tech Water Based System for Applying a Pattern or Image to any Surface is what we call "Hydro-form-a-Grafix"

Choose your Part, whether its Wheels, Forks, Body Parts or even your Frame or Handlebars! 

Then Select the Base Color you want.  We can Apply or Patterns to almost any Surface! Chrome or any Powder-coat Color or Finish, any Paint on any Metal or Fiberglass.

Next choose your Image, Choose from our Selection.

We will be adding more Images as they become available.  

You can even get more of a Custom look by Painting Over the Grafix or putting the Grafix over Colors.  

We can Add any Custom Paint or Design to go Over it or doing Both Color Base, Wrapped Image, Custom Design or Paint on Top.

Thousands of Combinations, it's Limitless!  

We basically "Tattoo" the items with an Image you Select on the Base Color of your Part, then Creating a One of a Kind Creation on your Wheels, Forks, Body Parts or whatever.

This is Not for Everyone, it's not Delicate. But it's as Durable as Paint or Powder Coat. You Scratch it and it will Show, it Can’t be Buffed Out only Repair is to Re-Do it.

So the Damage is about the Same as a Painted Wheel or Body Part. Although Great Care and a Professional Tire Mounting by Hand is Highly Suggested! And we ONLY sell our Wheels with Tires installed to Avoid having to do it Over and Over!

We will offer a few items at this time but will offer more as we progress with this Program. So stayed Tuned! Join us on Facebook at GR Customs so you can get the latest News and Pictures as we post them!

"Reaper Skulls" Horn Cover

"Reaper Skulls" Horn Cover

Reaper Skull "Tattooed" SE Side Covers   Your Horn Cover Never had it so good! Plai..

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