Handle Bars & Risers

Handle Bars & Risers

Notice you can use the Handlebars at the bottom of this page to fit your Stock Risers, the A Model bars only fit the VRSCAW Model and it's Clamshell.

The Others are made to Fit the "B" Model Clam Shell or the "Nightrod" Clam Shell being the same.

There are Custom Risers on the Link Below that you can put ANY of our Handlebars on with 1 Exception, that would be the Nightrod Bars below, they are Perfect to fit the Nightrod "Clamshell", the Beefy Bars that's the only 1 1/4" Bars Available to fit that Clamshell Perfectly!

The Custom Riser Page has all the Risers we sell and Bars on that page will fit Perfectly.

Now the "Gaugless" Handlebars have the built in Risers to Bolt Right to your Triple Trees without a Riser but you will have to Re-locate your Speedo to one of our Airbox Covers that house them or go with our Digital Speedo you can Mount on the Bars.

Our Bars Require Internal Wiring on most All of them, that means that the wires to your Switch housings are hanging down from your Stock Bars Now will Go INSIDE the Bars when you Change them to ANY of OUR Custom Bars Below! Here's a quick Video Explaining the Process, as we Suggest you take them to a Mechanic that knows Wiring because it can be Twice as Expensive if you do it wrong!


More Custom Parts Below

A Model Handle Bars

A Model Handle Bars

CUSTOM HANDLE BARS FOR A MODELS     Our Custom Pullback Bars are designed with a wide..

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