1 1/4" Bars & Risers

1 1/4" Bars & Risers

On these pages your going to select either the "Nostalgia" Risers or the Top Clamp Style "No Gauge" Risers below.

Or if you've Moved your Gauges to a Custom Airbox then you want the Muscle "Gauge" Riser.

It allows you to put your Gauge Cluster right on our Custom Riser!

Then select the Bars on this page that are 1 1/4" ALL ALONG THE MIDDLE AND ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE BAR to the end where it tapers down to 1" for your grips!

Bar Selection for these Special Set up are listed below as well!

Only LA Top Clamp Risers work with the "Fat" bars! Notice knurles are too far apart for Dual Risers.

See the "Knurling" in the Center? V-Rods have a Narrower Mounting Point than ALL the other HD's!


LA Risers work with both "Fat" bars, LA bars and V-Line Bars!