Custom Seats

Custom Seats

If you want Vinyl we have it in all the same Colors as Leather.

And you can choose from many of our Custom Stitching to Change your Seat to a Custom one!

We have a Wide selection of Embossed Leathers and Vinyls to choose from as well.

If you Ride your Muscle a lot then I suggest you Select Vinyl especially if you get the "Embossed" Styles, like Carbon Fiber, Basket Weave to name a few, as the Leather will eventually go smooth, while the Vinyl will hold its shape longer than the Embossed Leather.

And just added a New Vendor that is making Quality Vinyl Seats with Logo's and Colored Stitching and Piping!

We have the "Assassin Muscle" Seat for your Muscle but you will have to Change your Fender to one of our Custom Fenders located on the 2007 - 2011 V-Rod page or a Stock Nightrod Rear Fender to have this seat fit. It will NOT fit your Stock Rear Fender!

If you Replace your Stock Fender and Seat with ours You'll need a "Passenger Seat Post" to hold down the "Assassin Seat".

Available at your Local Harley Dealer for $4.95 Part #51952-07


GR Muscle "Solo" Compartment

GR Muscle "Solo" Compartment

GR Muscle "Solo" Compartment Solo Back Pad & Solo Seat Made from Hand Laid Fiber glass by O..

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