Muscle Custom Rear Fenders

Muscle Custom Rear Fenders

Only the Stock Rear Fender on the Muscle will FIT the Muscle and We will be Adding OUR New "Cut" Rear Fender which is a Stock Rear Fender Cut Off Shorter!

As there are NO other Rear Fenders out there that we know of that will work with the Stock Muscle Seat!

That's really the issue! (but as they come out we'll find and have them available!)

We now offer a "Solo Seat" Kit that you can replace your passenger seat in minutes for a Solo Seat and Backrest located on the "Muscle Solo Compartment" below.

We do Make an "Assassin Muscle" Seat that fits the Stock Muscle Airbox Cover but the Rear of the Seat Fits ANY of our V-Rod (not Muscle) Rear Fenders listed below!

So in order to Replace your Rear Muscle Fender with one of ours you'll HAVE to Buy the Muscle "Assassin" Seat!

We CAN Re-Cover your STOCK Muscle seat in several Different Leathers or Exotic Skins just click the seat section on the Muscle's main page!

Also, when you replace your Rear Fender with one of OUR Custom Fenders, you'll be Cutting the "Inner" Fender struts OFF, so they don't show when you install the New Custom Fender, so guess what?  You'll Loose your Sidemount License Plate as it is Mounted to that Inner Fender Strut!

Solution is we have a Sidemount License Kit but it won't work with your Stock one as it Mounts to your Lower Shock Bolt!

So please Consider All these Options Before you Order and don't have Everything you Need!

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Muscle "Cut" Rear Fender

Muscle "Cut" Rear Fender


NEW! Muscle "Solo" Compartment

NEW! Muscle "Solo" Compartment

Muscle Back Seat Compartment Solo Back Pad & Solo Seat Made from Hand Layed Fiber glass by ..

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