• Triple Play Module
HD SMART Triple Play®
Brake Light / Running Light / Turn Signal Conversion Kit
OK, you got an Led Strip with Turn Signals and you want to have it for a Running Light as well as 3 Functions to use as Turn Signals and Brake Lights. With the Led Strip you can Convert your Brake Light to Run/Brake with the "Dual Element" wiring, but if you have Red Turn Signals you can Light them up as "Running" Lights as well with this "Triple Play" Unit.
DO NOT USE with "Amber" Turns or you WILL GET A TICKET as it's ILLEGAL!
This Unit...
- Converts Rear Turn Signals to Run-Brake-Turn
- Works with LEDs or Incandescent Bulbs
- Choice of 10 User Selectable Built In Brake Light Strobe/Flash Patterns (User can also select no Strobe/Flash on Brake)
- Ability to apply Brake Strobe/Flash Patterns on Center Taillight only,  Rear Turns Only, or Rear Turns & Center Taillight
- SMART Function - If Brake Strobe/Flash is Turned On,  Strobe/Flashing will be paused on Turn Signal if Simultaneous Braking and Turning
- 10 User Selectable Running Light Intensities Allow User to Match the Running Light Brightness of Turns to Center Taillight
- Built In Short Circuit Protection
- Sealed, Weather Tight  Case
- Slim Line Design: 4.2" x  1.4"  x  0.6"
- 5 Year Warranty 
Important: For this system to be legal you must use RED rear turn signal lamps. 
Important: This system is designed to work with single intensity rear turn signals, if you 
do not have single intensity rear turn signals do not install this module. Contact Technical 
Important: Remove any existing Run-Brake-Turn or similar modules prior to installing 
this unit. 
Caution: Never install a Load Equalizer Downstream of this unit. Remove any existing 
load equalizer prior to installing this unit. 
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Triple Play Module

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