• V-Rod CD Signal Stabilizer
Custom Dynamic's Signal Stabilizer


Adding LED's to your bike? If you are going to have a Run/Brake/Turn Signal Option you'll need this baby to equalize the load!

Stock flasher relays on motorcycles are designed to blink twice as fast as normal when a bulb is burned out to alert the driver of this condition.  

Leds consume so little power compared to the stock bulbs, that the flasher relay thinks that a bulb is burned out when LEDs are used in place of stock bulbs. 

The Signal Stabilizer tricks the bike into thinking it is getting the same amount of draw as with the stock bulbs and eliminates the rapid flash.

If you have replaced your stock turn signals with LEDs and your turns signals flash too fast or do not flash at all, you will need to add a Equalizer, or replace your flasher relay.

Fits All V-Rods (but Muscles) and Alarm Compatible, No Heat, No Load, 100% Waterproof 5 Year Manufacture Warranty!

You only need 1 of these for your ENTIRE System!

This is the Newest Versions is that now you No Longer have to Run Power and Ground to the Battery - making it more Completely Plug and Play/easier Installation. 

Installation Instructions

    CD-Signal Stabilizer

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V-Rod CD Signal Stabilizer

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