• GR "Spike" Axle Covers

             GR  "SPIKE" AXLE COVERS           

Just when you thought you had enough Spikes!
These Axle Caps Come in a Set of Two and Complete the Look and Matches our "Assassin" Grips, Foot Pegs & Toe Pegs!
These are Large 2 1/2" Tall
These Axle Caps come with Set Screws to hold it in place. (We suggest using Blue or Red Lock Tite)
The Following Bikes are 1" Fitment:  All 2002-2011 V-Rods 
Our Spikes Fit ALL with the Set Screws!
Powder Coat them in a "Semi-Gloss" Black lasts longer and won't fade in the sun.
You'll Like em!
Axle Covers
Axle Covers
Satin Black

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GR "Spike" Axle Covers

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