• Slimline LED Kit w/Wireless Remote
w/2 Remote Key Fobs
The Slimline Led kit comes with 4 Color Changing LED Pod Lights.
Color Command™  Remote Control 4 Module with Tru-MAGIC™ w/2 Individual Key Fobs
LeverLockz for Installation and Instructions
A Full Remote Control unit Controlled with a Push of a Button. Turn them on, or off from inside your house, the club, or even while waking down the street! 
Ultra Low Power:

Save up to 80% power usage by replacing a conventional light bulb with our LED lights. Less drain on the battery means less frequent battery charges. Less frequent battery charges means longer battery life. Giving you Savings and Safety.

Smaller Size:

Pods are 2 3/16" L x 7/16" W x 3/16" H

No Heat:

That means more safety. Not Susceptible to Vibration: Perfect match for your Bike!.

Instant Light:

LED’s turn on in full brightness hundred times faster than conventional light bulbs. With 120 degrees of light spread, this makes them more noticeable when used for directional or taillights. LED’s blink more solid and can be brighter if used properly. Plus, you don’t need to use color lenses to produce the red and the amber lights either!.

Be Visible:

You will get more attention on the road and warn off distracted drivers. It is legal in most states if done properly. The general regulation in most states is: Red in the back, amber on the sides and front, are perfectly acceptable as long as there are no “direct” bright beams of light impairing other drivers’ vision. Please consult your local regulations for complete details.

Independent System:

The accent lighting systems offered by GR Customs are fully independent. You can switch them on or leave them off. The factory warranty will not be affected and nothing will get altered in your electrical system.

Easy to Install:

Comes with complete instructions, all LED Pods have double stick tape on the back and these Kits are Specially Designed for Motorcycles! 12VDC

Note: Double stick tape to mount your pods anywhere you want!

Slimline Led Kit


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Slimline LED Kit w/Wireless Remote

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