• Tag Boltz" Mini Leds
 "Tag Boltz" Mini Leds 
Ok, you want Leds to Shine on your Plate but don't want to spend the Money on an Led Frame?
Here's your Budget way to go!

Tag Boltz are a perfect way to Shine a Lights on your License plate  without using a License Plate Holder

or to accent the License Plate with a NON-LED License Plate!
Black or Polished LED Tag Boltz - with White LEDs
Get TWO SETS and Shine your Plate Up!
(no use getting a ticket!)
Includes washers, nuts and wrench!

(Notice: They will NOT fit on the Curved Led Plate unless you drill out the bolt hole a little!)    

 TB01B Black
TB01C Polished

US Flat Rate Shipping

Flat Rate "Priority Mail" International Shipping is $39.00

Sidemount License Plates May Be Illegal in some States, be sure to Check Your State Laws before Installing!

Tag Boltz" Mini Leds

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