• GR 1" Gaugeless Handlebars


These bars are perfect for Removing your Clamshell off your Stock handlebars and putting them into our Custom Airbox Covers that hold your speedo.

Our Custom Pullback Bars are designed with a wider grip pattern and reach further back for comfort. Slick Custom Appearance and Ergonomic Designed. Measures 32" Wide Tip to Tip with a 6" Pullback.

Our Gaugless Bars are also Drilled for Internal Wiring!

Longer Cables are not needed but you may have to re-route your brake line outside the Triple Trees!

  • Fits All Model V-Rods
  • "No Guage Custom Bars" are for Mounting the Gauges In the Air Cover or for SE or with out Dakota Digital Displays!

No Gauge Custom Bars 

  • 4.5" Rise to the Bar
  • 9" Across to the Slant
  • 13" From Slant to End
  • 32" Tip to Tip
  • Dempled for internal wiring

1 Polished Left
"Gaugless" Bars
1 Satin Black
"Gaugless" Bars

1 Gloss Black
"Gaugless" Bars

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And all Overcharges will be Refunded after shipping and we know what it is!

GR 1" Gaugeless Handlebars

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