• 1 3/8" LED Turn Signals

These Great Looking Turn Signals are just the right size for mounting on the Rear or Front of your 2002 - 2011 V-Rod!

They come with a DUAL Filament LEDs and your choice of Amber or Red Lens.

Sold in pairs you can’t find a better Looking Turn Signal!
Don't want to spend that kind of money? We got Halogen ones just like it for less!

 3-1800LED-CAP  3-1900LED-CAP  3-1900LED-VCAP

 "Concours" Rocket Turn Signal
“No Visor”

"Mariah" Visor Turn Signal
“Hooded Visor”
"Vampire" Rocket Turn Signal
“Pointed Visor”
$319.95 $319.95 $323.95

Available in Satin Black Anodized or Gloss Black Anodized in all 3 Styles!

Please allow 10 - 14 days for delivery of the Anodized Orders!


"Concours" Rocket 3-1800TAP
"No Visor"

"Mariah" Visor 3-1900-ZAP
"With Visor"

"Vampire" Rocket 3-1900-VTAP
"Pointed Visor"

3-1800LED-TAP - Satin Black - $ 319.95
3-1900LED-TAP - Satin Black - $ 319.95
3-1900LED-VTAP - Satin Black - $323.95


3-1800LED-ZAP - Gloss Black - $ 319.95
3-1900LED-ZAP - Gloss Black - $ 319.95
3-1900LED-VZAP - Gloss Black - $323.95

Available with Amber Lenses or Red Lenses No Additional Charge!
US Shipping
International Shipping is around $36.00
We always Refund the Shipping Overcharges when we ship!

Eclipze Module

This is a great way to convert your single intensity LEDs to Dual Intensity with the advantage of 100% ON Running Lights and a Full Contrast Turn Signal Flash.

Eclipze Module EPZ
$24.95 a pair

Rear Turn Signal Mounts for 2002 - 2011 V-Rods

Available in Black or Chrome


Click here for V-Rod Rear Mounting Brackets


Several Choices of
Front Turn Signal Mounts

Come in Chrome or Gloss Black
For 2002 -2011 V-Rods Only
Starting at $70.00

Click HERE for the link

You may need a Load Equalizer if you have more Led's on your bike if so we offer:

If your bike has an Factory Alarm $40.00

If it doesn't have a Factory Alarm $29.00

1 3/8" LED Turn Signals

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