• Galfer 2002-2005 Wave® Rotors
2002-2005 Wave Rotors

Made Specifically for Earlier 2002-2005 V-Rods with HD Brakes Only!

These are as Functional as they are Cool with this “Skull” image on them! We like the way they look as well but believe it or not, there is quite a bit of thought that went into Galfer’s WAVE® patented technology. On a normal round rotor, the leading edge (think toe-in) of the brake pad is in contact with the entire height of the blade as the pressure is applied.

Because the contact covers the entire height of the blade heat buildup takes much less time to occur and you end up with heat related problems like brake fade, thermal lockup, and inconsistent braking performance. What the wave pattern does is take that leading edge of contact between the blade and pad and constantly move it up and down, thus minimizing heat build up and its inherent problems. Cool air is also introduced in greater amounts. In addition, through centrifugal force, any foreign matter is thrown clear of the outer rim of the blade and doesn't get lodged in the pad material.

All Galfer Wave® Rotors are Laser Cut and made of a Unique High Carbon 420 Stainless Steel Material that has been Pre-Heat Treated and Parallel Double Disc Grounded to assure Perfect Flatness and the Most Efficient Contact Surface between Pad and Rotor. All Wave® rotors will improve the lever feel and feed back allowing the rider to get a much stronger and progressive brake then other units would. (Added trailing edge on the brake pad surface)

Compatible with Stock HD Calipers or Custom Calipers, NOT Brembo Calipers!

Used by many TOP race teams, the Quality and Longevity of the Rotors is what it’s all about!

These Rotors fit the following Models and Year Ranges with Harley-Davidson Calipers!


VRSCA 2002-2005 ~ VRSCB 2002-2005 

These will NOT Fit BREMBO Brake Calipers!

Front Single Rotor

Dual Front Rotors

Rear "Floating" Rotor

Note: Rear Rotors only come with a Black Carrier & Black Rotor, just like the Picture!

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One Rotor

Two Rotors

International shipping is around $60.00 for a set of Three Rotors to most countries

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Galfer 2002-2005 Wave® Rotors

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