• "Knurled" Rubber Pegs

 "Knurled" Rubber Billet Pegs

These no-nonsense "Knurled" Foot Pegs have a Rubber "Sleeve" that is Knurled instead of Metal for you guys that like a good Traction Control for your Feet!

Simple Design Totally Functional and should last the life of your bike!

Form follows function, and the heavy knurling and larger diameter end cap ensure your feet aren't slipping off while you are riding down the road.

The male clevis bolts right in place of rider and passenger pegs on Harley-Davidson's.

Foot pegs Rider or Passenger  Available in Chrome Trim or Black sold in sets of 2.

Get a set for your passenger as well! 

More Pictures Coming Soon!
"Drag Style"

Chrome or Black
"Knurled w/Rubber Sleeve"
    Rider or Passenger Pegs   

$99.99 each set


Chrome or Black
"Knurled W/Rubber Sleeve"
Shift or Brake Peg

$26.99 Each

Shipping is $10.00 

International shipping is around $39.00
and we Refund the Combined Shipping Overcharges!

"Knurled" Rubber Pegs

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