• "Instigator" Custom Wheels


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Our NEW "INSIGATOR" Custom Wheels are the latest in our drive to bring you the Cutting Edge of Custom Wheels!

CNC'd from a Block of Solid Aircraft Aluminum, these Designs are Unique in Style and Quality.

These Wheels come with a Special Hub up Front so you don't have to Purchase an "Optional" Rotor Mount like some wheel companies charge!

The Front Wheels have Mounts already on the Front Wheels saving you $100's!

These Custom Wheels will Stand out from ALL the other Styles of Wheels and will definately Change the Look of your Bike!

They come in many Finishes, Polished, Chrome, Solid Black or the "NEW" Contrast Cut.

Purchase a Full Set of Front Wheel, Rear Wheel, Rotors and Pulley and we'll ship your Order to any Continental US address for Free!

International Shipping will Vary from Country to Country we've listed $300.00 as a base for shipping, this may be too much or not enough depending on where you live. And you can email us at sales@GRcustoms.com for a shipping quote.

Be sure to email your complete address with the info of what you want to order and we'll email you a quote.

ABS brakes were introduced on MOST bikes in 2014, both wheels have them, so check to see if your bike has ABS before ordering.

We Will Not Be Responsible for ANY Cost in Returning or Exchanging wheels by a mistake on your part!

Use this link to Find the Sizes and Information about your Bike! Click HERE

Select the "Cush" Drive Option as ALL V-Rods have Cush Drives since 2002.

You won't need the Front Rotor Mounts like the Other Aftermarket Wheels our Front Hubs are V-Rod Hubs so you can use your Stock Rotors
if you wanted to, but these Wheels are so Nice you might want the Matching set!

If your Purchasing only One wheel we will email you a link to pay for Shipping once we have your address.

Purchase an Entire Set and we'll pay the Shipping to US Residents!

Out of the US Sales we'll apply the Discount to the Shipping!


16 x 3.5" $1200.00
16 x 5.5" $1200.00
17 x 3.5" $1200.00
17 x 6.25" $1200.00
18 x 3.5" $1200.00
18 x 4.25" $1200.00
18 x 5.5" $1250.00
18 x 8.5" $1250.00
18 x 10" $1550.00
18 x 10.5" $1550.00
19 x 2.15" $1200.00
19 x 3" $1200.00
21 x 2.15" $1200.00
21 x 3.25" $1200.00
23 x 3.75" $1400.00
26 x 3.75" $1500.00
30 x 4" $2700.00
32 x 4" $5600.00
Matching 1 Pc. 11.5" 11.8" Rotor $330.00@
Matching Pulley $475.00
ABS Brakes Add $50.00 @
Cush Drive Add $100.00

More Pictures to Come as we get them!


"Instigator" Custom Wheels

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