• CF "Slim" Rear Fender
Carbon Fiber
GR "Slim" Fender

Made to fit the 240 V-Rods 2007 - 2011 ONLY!

It will fit your 2012 & Up V-Rods if you Change your Stock Seat to a 2007 & Up V-Rod Seat or one of OUR "Assassin" Seats.

This is the BEST Looking Rear Fender we've seen on a V-Rod in a Long Time! Especially with Air Ride!

It will Fit the 2009 & up Muscle if you change to our Muscle "Assassin" Custom Seat .

This fender is Narrower than the Stock 240 fender and ALL the 240 fenders we sell.

We've been asked to come up with a Narrower fender to take up the space on the sides of our "Cut" fenders, so we designed the same fitting fender to your 240 frame, but about 2" narrower to fit the 240 Tire better.

And now Available in Carbon Fiber, hand layed great quality Carbon Fiber!

But does NOT affect the fitting of your HD Sissy Bars or Back Rests if you USE your STOCK SEAT!

Using OUR "Fastback" or "Assassin" seats WILL NOT be able to use a Sissy Bar or Back Rest!!!!
(the fender has nothing to do with the mount, only the seat)

It's approximately 4" Shorter than the Stock Fender

Fit's perfect with a 240, 250 or 260 tire! But will NOT Accommodate a 280 or wider tire!

Looks best with our Platinum Air Ride System to drop this fender low on the tire!

The GR "Slim" Fender without Leds can be used if you don't want any leds on it. But our Led Systems below, really make this fender a Multi-use Fender!

So you have 4 options with this Fender for Leds to Choose From.

1. No Leds so we CUT OFF the Led Strip "Channel" that holds the Led Strip in Place and the Smooth the Edge.

2. Primo System Leds put Underneath and the Led "Channel" is Cut Off as well and Smooth the Edge.

3, Led Strip UNDER the Fender and the Led "Channel" is Cut Off as well and Smooth the Edge.

4. Led Put On Top of the "Channel" to Shine Back at the Traffic!

Our Carbon Fiber Parts ARE NOT CLEARED you must Choose between GLOSS or MATT Finish!

If you want a Clear Color Select it in the drop down box and put a note if you want it a Matt Finish or Gloss Finish, also Custom Paint is Available email us for quotes!


Carbon Fiber
GR "Slim" 240 Fender
Carbon Fiber
GR "Slim" 240 Fender
w/ 7" Led Strip
Add $70.00

We offer the following Colors of LED Strips w/Brake Leds Only:

  • Red Strip with Red Leds
  • Clear Strip with Red Leds
  • Smoked Strip with Red Leds

Also, all strips come with a Dual Element wiring system so you can have "Run/Brake" if you want!

LED Strips w/Brake Leds in the Center and Turn Signals on each End Your Choices are:

  • Red Strip with Red Turns and Red Brake Lights
  • Clear Strip with Red Turns and Red Brake Lights
  • Smoked Strip with Red Turns and Red Brake Lights
  • Clear Strip with Amber Turns and Red Brake Lights
  • Smoked Strip with Amber Turns and Red Brake Lights

Note: Amber Turns will not show through a Red Strip! And we offer 1 Dual Element for the brake led section. Order 2 more Dual Elements ONLY if you have Red Turns in your strip as you will get a ticket with Amber Turns running all the time, and it confuses Traffic behind you!

Or you can Add our NEW 50/50 Led Strip that has One Long Brake Light the Length of the Strip and the rest of the strip is Divided in Half with Amber Turns this Strip ONLY comes in Smoked with Amber Turns for $70.00

Or you can order it with our "Primo Led System" for $399.99, that's installed under the fender professionally, ready to wire up to your harness the link for it is HERE.

Primo Led System Installed

Our Primo Led System is a Proffesional Led System that lets us "mold" an led brake light type interegrated turn signal/brake light into the fender!

It's sealed, vibration-proof and waterproof system which is Installed Proffesionally by our Installers for only OUR Fenders!

The Primo Led Rear Fender Light is 3/8" inches thick and is molded to fit perfectly under our Fenders!

The Red Primo Led System allows the Amber Turn Signals to shine through as turn signals, and is also available as just a Brake Light!

And NOW you can get Just Brake Leds for the Primo or with Turns/Brake Leds.

 Triming of your Inner Fender is Neccessary for this fender
Click this LINK for instructions!

Stock Inner Fender on Top, Cut Inner Fender Below
US Shipping

International Priority Shipping
$68.00 depending on the destination.
Custom Paint Available
Email us at Sales@GRcustoms.com
Now Offering HD Logo's and Nightrod Stripes!
Prices in the Drop Down Boxes!
And all Overcharges will be Refunded after shipping and we know what it is!

CF "Slim" Rear Fender

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