• GR "Cut" Rear Fender

240 "Cut" Rear Fender

This is our Fiberglass Shorter Cut V-Rod Fender!

Instead of cutting the Stock fenders above the stock brake light, and trimming the sides, we have a mold made for the same style fender

for a real Custom look! Measures 5" from the Mounting Hole to the edge.

Now this fender is stronger than the Stock Fender and fits EXACTLY like the Stock Fender!

This fender will fit your 2007 - 2011 V-Rods with the stock 240 frame! 

No Screamin Eagles V-Rods!

Will NOT fit the 2012 New V-Rod or the Muscle V-Rod unless you change your seat to our "Assassin" Seat!

Fits just like your stock Fender, no changes needed other than turn signals or brake lights! Stock Seat fits normally and so does the back rest!

You can get up to a 300 tire under this fender easily!

You can purchase it cut and ready for prime and paint, 
or we can paint it to match your Stock paint job!
240 Rear Fender Cut

US Shipping $48.00
International Priority Shipping is about $70.00 depending on the destination.        
Shipping Overcharges will be Refunded after shipping and we know what it is!
 "Brake Only"
Led Strip
Brake w/Red Turns
Led Strip
Brake w/Amber Turns
Led Strip
Choose your Led Strip Color below, with Turn Signals or
Just a Brake Strip your choice!
Remember the Led Strips attch to the Underside of the inside Fender and point down on the tire, you can still see them but not as well as our Primo System
We now install our Primo Led System with Brake and Turn Signals in Integrated into one Clean System!
Primo Led System to this Fender Installed for $399.99
Now offering ALL Brake Leds OR Brake/Turns for the Primo System!
Click HERE to learn more about the Primo Led System
Paint this Fender Stock
Metallic Colors 
Stock Non Metallic Colors
Solid Denim or Gloss

Paint this Fender Stock
"Nightrod" Colors*
*There are so many Nightrod Colors here's a list of the HD "Nightrod" Colors
Denim Black with Gloss Black Stripes
Denim Black with Silver Stripes
Denim Black with Orange Stripes
Gloss (Vivid) Black with Denim Stripes
Gloss Black with Silver Stripes
Gloss Black with Orange Stripes
Put your Paint Choices in the "Comments" box 
at check out and we'll verify it with an email!
Just put your Color Choices in the
"Comments" Box at Check Out!
Stock Inner Fender on Top, Cut Inner Fender Below
Triming of your Inner Fender is Necessary for this fender
Click this LINK for instructions!
Notice without Lowering your bike this fender will be as high as your stock one!
We highly suggest an Air Ride Suspension to complete the Custom Look of a Lowered Fender!

GR "Cut" Rear Fender

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