• Multi Color Led Kit w/Remote

Magical WIZARD™ Lights, with TruMAGIC™ Technology!  
No longer do you have to settle for a system that only lets you choose between a few limited colors and functions. 
Now you can control all aspects of operation right from the palm of your hand. You can choose one of 7 pre-programmed colors, or choose from thousands of custom colors with just a click. 
Want an exact shade of blue, red, green, or yellow? 
With TruMAGIC™ Technology you can get the exact color you want, when you want it. 
You can also choose from 3 different color morph speeds to get the exact effect you desire. 
Like the “breathing" feature but want it a bit faster or slower?  
Now you can select one of 3 different breathing speeds to get just the look you want. 
Strobing? No problem. 
Choose from 3 different strobe patterns, and now you can strobe and color morph at the same time! Our next generation, Color Command 4 remote has a memory function that will automatically turn your lights on to the exact same color and effect as when you turned it off.
With TruMAGIC™ Technology you can have your lights perform features you only dreamed of.
- 7 different pre-programmed colors
- 3 different strobing patterns
- 3 different speeds of breathing functions
- 1 of thousands of custom color choices
- Ability to color morph and strobe at the same time
- Small Compact Slim Remote Control
- Memory; Store The Last Function and Color for Easy Recall
- Short Circuit Protection, our remote has built in Short Circuit Protection.
Kit Includes:
9 Color Changing Slimline Magical Wizard™ Pods
9 Mounting Blocks to put anywhere you want!
Color Command™  Slimline Remote Control 4 Module with TruMAGIC™
2 Individual Key Fobs
LeverLockz™ Installation Kit with Instructions
 TMWK3 Magical Wizard™
Light Full Bike Kit


Want a few MORE Led Pods?
Slimline Magical Wizard™ Add-On Kit
You can add 2 more 7 Color Individual Slimline Magical Wizard™ Pod
Slimline Pod Dimensions: 2 3/16" Long, 7/16" Wide, 3/16" High
$45.99 per set of 2

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Multi Color Led Kit w/Remote

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