• 6 & 8 ° Raked 49mm Trees

6 & 8 Degree Rake Kits
49mm Triple Trees

A Lot of V-Rod Owners are going to the 21" and 23" Front Wheels but there's not enough room for the wheels to FIt Properly.

So for the 21" Wheel and the 23"  Wheel the 6 Degree Rake is Perfect for your V-Rod!

You don't have to Have a Bigger Wheel to Enjoy the Rake Trees, several customers just like the feel of the 19" wheel out Front Further!


if you want to go with a 26" Wheel then you'll need the 8 Degree Rake Kit.

Same as the 6 degree only kicked out further so your tire doesn't rub.

Made in America these come in "Machine Finish" (with machined lines) or Powder Coated Gloss Black (we will be getting Polished ones soon) this will Totally Change the Dynamic's of your Front End!

While throwing out your Front Wheel a little further than the Standard Rake on your V-Rod you'll be able to puta 21" or 23" Front Wheel or just keep your 19" and enjoy the Ride!

There' is not a front Fender for the "Inverted" Forks on the Newer V-Rods & Muscles yet but we're working on it!

Available for Models as you will still use your 49mm (2002-2011) Down Tubes and axle as well as your lower legs and brakes!

Nothing else Changes, you use your Stock Legs and lowers only your Front End is out Further.

Whether your going with a Larger Wheel or keeping your Stock 19" you'll Definately notice the Difference!

NOTICE: Your Stock Front Fender will NOT work with a 21", 23"  or 26" Wheel unless you get a Custom one Made.

Not an easy Switch you'll need a Lift and the correct tools as you'll have to Torque the bolts to Spec as well we don't want you having an accident over Proper Installation so be sure you have someone that is a Certified Mechanic that has the Skills to Change this out!

Here's an Explanation of the Rake & Trail HERE

Takes 5-7 working days to get before we can Ship Black 6 Degree Trees
Chrome may take 3-4 weeks as it is NOT a Stock Item!

6 or 8 Degree Rake
49mm Triple Trees

Gloss Black

6 or 8 Degree Rake
49mm Triple Trees


6 or 8 Degree Rake
49mm Triple Trees

US Shipping $48.00

International Priority Shipping is about $80.00 depending on the destination.

And the Overcharges will be Refunded after shipping and we know what it is!


Note: if your NOT using a Stock Headlight and want to put a Custom Headlight on your bike our 3 5/8" 
Post will bolt right up to the Lower Triple Tree is Available as an Option!

We are working on a Top Bracket to Hide the Opening Available soon!

If you need a Fork Stem Cover we have them in 


Satin Black 

If you are Mounting an Aftermarket Headlight then you'll need our Headlight "Post"
in the Option Below.



6 & 8 ° Raked 49mm Trees

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