• New! M8 Softail "Stretched" Tank & Fender
New! M8 Softail "Stretched" Tank, Fender
and Seat Set

This posting is for the Complete set of Stretched Tank, Steel Rear Fender and Leather Seat.

New! Custom Stretched Gas Tank for M8 Softails "Breakouts", and "Fatboys" Softails with the 3.5 gallon tanks.

Hand made by this 3.5 Gallon Tank so No more gas than Stock.

Ready for Primer and Paint this beautiful Stretched tank comes with All the hardware & Fuel Lines Fittings
for mounting and comes with Protective coating on the inside of the tank.

Pop up gas Tank Cap comes with it.

Paint will be Available but our Pinstriper passed away so we don't have pinstriping ability at this time.

Comes in raw steel, unpainted and works with the OEM fuel pump.

We recommend the use of a tank sealer prior to installation!

We suggest fitting the parts before you paint, so we offer no paint on these.

The tank has a capacity of approx. 3.5 gallon (13 liter) and comes with installation instructions.

Please note: When used on Softail models with a dash, modifications are necessary to relocate / replace the dash.

Stock seats do not work with Fenders. Stock seats do not work with our Stretched gas tanks. 

Fits only the  M8 2018 & Up Harley-Davidson "Breakout", "New Standard" "Fatboy" and "Low Rider".

You'll Replace your Seat with ours or you can order a seat pan to have made locally, as your stock seat will NOT fit.

M8 Softail 
3.5 Gallon Tank
Steel Wide Rear Fender for all H-D M8 Softail "Breakout", "Fatboy", "Standard" & "Lpw Rider" models from 2018-up

The Wide Rear Fender fits the wide M8 Softail frame for 240/250 rear tires.

Stock Seats do not work with this Fender.

Note: Install instructions and all hardware included. 
Check out our Custom Strut Bolts HERE

We Suggest "Platinum" Air Ride to Lower that Fender over your Tire!    

2018 & Up
 "Milwaukee Eight"
Custom Steel Fender

Wide Rear Fender For M8 Softail Models

This Steel Wide Rear Fender for all H-D M8 Softail Breakout and Fatboy models from 2018-up

This Wide Rear Fender fits the wide M8 Softail frame for 240/250 rear tires.

Comes in raw steel, unpainted. 

State of the Art Quality, bolts right on to the frame.

No modifications to the frame required. 

Check fitment prior to painting.

TUV approved for superior quality! 
Paint the Fender Stock Colors
Not Available at this time!

Here's a few ways to light up your Fender.

Clear Strip w/Brake Leds
Smoked Strip w/Brake Leds
Red Strip w/Brake Leds

Led Strip with Red Brake Leds
All in one Strip!


Primo Brake and Turns System

Professional Led System that lets you "mold" an Led Brake Light or integrated Turn Signal, Brake light into the Fender!

Our Primo Led System is a Completely Molded, Sealed, Vibration-Proof and Waterproof System
 which is Installed Professionally by our Installers for only OUR Fenders!

The Primo Led Rear Fender Light is 3/8" inches thick and is molded to fit perfectly under our Fenders!

We Only Sell this System INSTALLED, in OUR Fenders.

We have Professional Installers
that install the Primo Led System that is
Included in the cost!
More info HERE
Primo Brake and Turns System

  Need Turn Signals instead of the Led Strip?
                                                       Check out all our "Mini" Turns Click HERE.                                             

Seats for this set up

 Seats are different for "Breakout" & "Fatboy" Fitment so be sure to put your Year and Model in the Drop Down Box.

"Fatboy" Seat

"Breakout" Seat


  • These Solo Seat specifically designed to work with the Steel Rear Fender
  • Takes the hassle out of creating a Custom Seat 
  • Fits M8 Softail "Breakout" or "Fatboy"  Models with Steel Custom Fender 
  • Made in the USA with Premium Leather Cover
  • Solo Seat with Black Finish and Diamond Stitching in the Center.


Leather Seat 

US Shipping
is around
 $250.00 in 3 boxes

International Shipping

Email us at Sales@GRcustoms.com for a Shipping Quote!
with your address.

We Refund Shipping Overcharges after we ship!

New! M8 Softail "Stretched" Tank & Fender

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