• 7" BTS Headlight
(Better Than Stock)

This 7” Headlight is a perfect replacement for your Stock one or for our Fairings that require a 7" Headlight without breaking the bank!

This Simple but Elegant Headlight comes in Chrome, Gloss Black and the bulb is replaceable with Any of our Custom bulbs or LED "Black Face" or "Chrome Face" Headlights like HD's "Daymakers" only $100 less!!

  • 60/55W Bulb included but burns Yellow!
  • Fully machined with a non-wavy, mirrored finish.
  • Screw-In bezel with locking feature.
  • Fits all SAE lamps.
  • Fits on 3/4" block using 3/8" diameter bolts, sold separately
  • 6" pigtail included
  • Lamps, Mounting Post and Bolt included
  • Made in the USA.
  • Not DOT

Better Than Stock Headlight
7" Chrome

Better Than Stock Headlight
7" Black


You can Replace the Bulb for this Headlight Bucket...

Headlamp Bulbs

7" Bulbs
Black Dot Tri-Bar

Blue Dot Tri-Bar
Pie Cut Lamp
Skull Lamp
OR Choose from our
Black Face & Chrome Face

& LED Bulbs
• High/low beam
• 1,350 Raw Lumens; 760 Effective Lumens
• 12-24V DC
• Plug & play: plugs into (stock) standard 9003 headlight connector
• Long-lasting & rugged, these solid state LEDs withstand shock & vibration
• Die-cast aluminum housing provides maximum protection
• UV-resistant poly-carbonate lens
• DOT approved
Black Face or Chrome Face
Led Lamp

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International Shipping is around $60.00

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7" BTS Headlight

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