• "Venom" Chin Spoiler
"Venom Chin Spoiler

SBD Chin Spoiler fits easily with some minor fitting, and will hide your ugly oil cooler, voltage regulator and lower frame. All we need to know is the following: The year of your touring model Harley Davidson,
and whether or not you would need a custom cut out for your oil cooler. 
These Spoilers have been put together using either Fiberglass with the Highest Quality Vinyl Ester, or with Urethane Injection.
These are the Finest Quality Fiberglass Parts Made in America!

The 2 Hole Chin Spoiler requires a raked front end, while the 3 Hole Chin Spoiler does not. A Factory Oil Cooler is no problem for either model.

Unfortunately however, the Chin Spoiler does not fit with a Fan Assisted Oil Cooler. 
Now manufactured by process of Urethane Injection. No more itchy fiberglass.
Must be raked!
Factory Oil Cooler - NO PROBLEM
Does not fit Fan Assisted Oil Cooler Requires minor fitting!
1997 to 2008
2009 to 2013
2014 & Up
Fitting Info For Venom
1997 to 2008 models
requires 5 5/8 inches of clearance 
2009 to 2013 models
require 6 inches of clearance 
2014 to Current - More information coming soon
"Venom" Chin Spoiler
Without Wire Screens
"Venom" Chin Spoiler
With Wire Screens
Choose your Screes from:
Natural Steel Mesh (comes with it)

Choose from 2 Styles of Screens

Natural                 Gloss Black            Denim Black
Small Diamonds

     Natural               Gloss Black         Denim Black
Bullet Holes

US Shipping
International Shipping
 is around $90.00
We Refund Shipping Overcharges Back to your Card Once We Ship!
Paint Satin (Denim) Black 
or Gloss Black
or Stock HD Colors
Custom Paint Starts at
Custom Paint Available
Email us at Sales@GRcustoms.co
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"Venom" Chin Spoiler

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