• Primo Led System
Primo Led System
Finally a Professional Led System that lets you "mold" an Led Brake Light or integrated Turn Signal, Brake light into the Fender!
Our Primo Led System is a Completely Molded, Sealed, Vibration-Proof and Waterproof System which is Installed Professionally by our Installers for only OUR Fenders!
The Primo Led Rear Fender Light is 3/8" inches thick and is molded to fit perfectly under our Fenders!
Cut out of a Specific Material that is made by a Chemist that makes Brake Lenses for the Auto Industry.
It allows the leds to Shine Directly at the traffic behind you instead of the Led Strips that are Mounted Underneath or on Top of the Fender Shining up or down on the Tire instead of Directly at the Traffic!
The Red Primo Led System allows the Amber Turn Signals to shine through as Turn Signals, and show through a little More Red than Amber and is also available as just a Brake Light!
Just select the one you want!
Standard Primo Led System is able to be Wired to Accommodate Run/Brake/Turn Signal Lighting. It's up to you how you wire it!
For about the same price as a Brake Light, Led Turn Signals and a
Turn Signal Relocation Kit you can have our Primo Led System!
Here's what our Customers say:
Primo is a great name for it!  It really stands out. Worth the money for certain!
"Sand Camo" Rich

We Only Sell this System INSTALLED, in OUR Fenders.

We have Proffesional Installers
that install the Primo Led System that is
Included in the cost!

Made to fit our Rear Fenders Located on these Rear Fender Pages:

GR240 "Cut" Rear Fender
CF & FG 180 Rear Fender
GR240 Fender, "Slim" Fender, GR240 CF Fenders
GR "Cobra" Fender

and we will install it for you!

NOTE: This is NOT a "Plug & Play" you need to cut off your "Clips" on your Brake and Turn Stock Wire Harness and Solder them to the Wires on this system so you can plug the Clips back into your Stock Harness!
     Primo Led System  


Formed to fit a 180-300mm tire fender combination.

Now we offer ALL Brake Primo Led System OR
Standard Primo Led System for Brake/Turn Lighting!

NOTE: You may need a Signal Stabilizer Below if you have other Leds on your bike for these to work Properly,
 as an overload of Leds will drag your system down!

Signal Stabilizer fits Harley Davidson from 1991 to Present Plug and Play
on 1996-2009 Softails, 1997-2009 Dynas,
Dressers, Road Kings, and 1999-2003 Sportsters.
Simple Posi-Tap on All V-Rods and 2004 and New XLs
Alarm Compatible, No Heat, No Load,
100% Waterproof 5 Year Manufacture Warranty

ITEM# CD-Signal Stabilizer

Primo Led System

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