• "Muscle" Upper & Lower Fork Covers

MUSCLE Upper & Lower Fork Tube Covers

You asked for them so here they are!

These Aluminum Fork Tube covers are Machined to fit Perfectly on your Muscle V-Rod! 

Install these Fork Tube Covers or "Sliders" they are sometimes called between the Upper and Lower triple trees.

What a great addition to your Muscle, you can Choose from 
Polished or you can go with Gloss Black (if you Powder Coated your Trees or just want a Contrast look!)

They best way to Install these is to take your Top Triple Tree off lay it over (after removing the airbox cover), and slide these on, putting the Rubber O Ring on the top and bottom to lay on the trees, the tubes are machined to fit perfectly between your upper and lower fork tubes so they don't rattle or move around.

Please use the proper tools and "Torque" the bolts to HD spec's or improper fitting could cause an accident!  Instructions Included!

Gloss Black

Fork Tubes


Gloss Black
56mm Fork Tubes

If your Keeping Your Stock Headlight you'll need the PY-BFS-C "Spacer" in the drop down box below, if you have an Aftermarket Headlight then you won't need them!

If your using a Stock Headlight you will need them.

But if you change to a different headlight without this Mount you won't need them!


Installation instructions provided, as we Don't Recommend you installing them without a Certified Mechanic, as if Improperly
Installed can Cause damage to you or your Bike. We Strongly recommend NOT doing this yourself without the proper help!
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International Shipping  is around $48.00 

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"Muscle" Upper & Lower Fork Covers

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