• "Hellraiser" Evo Pipes
"Hellraiser" Evo Softail Pipes

That's what WE call them!

Blow Performance Pipes have Great Style, Deep Sound, Great Looking and will Turn Heads!

Made from the finest Stainless Steel these "HellRaiser" Pipes will add Beauty and Function!

Fit's ALL HD "Evo" Softail Models!

Available in 3 finishes!

Stainless Steel


Flat Matte Black

Heat Shields come with them and you can mix and match them with your Set.


Sound Clip HERE

Evo Series 1.2 Pipes Includes:

Ceramic Long Exhaust Pipe Series 1.2(1)

Ceramic Short Exhaust Pipe Series 1.2 (1)

Ceramic Long Heat Shield (1)

Ceramic Short Heat Shield (1)

Heat Shield Clamp No 2 38-57 Stainless Steel (5)

Centre Housing Bolt 75mm Stainless Steel (1)

Kong Support Bracket 8mm Stainless Steel (1)

Bung Plug 18mm Stainless Steel (2)

Bung Reducer 12mm Stainless-Steel (2)

O2 Sensor Crush Washer (2)

Stainless Steel


Ceramic Black


Flow-5 Baffles
Flow-9 Baffles
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International Priority Shipping is about
 $98.00 depending on the destination.

Shipping Overcharges will be Refunded after shipping and we know what it is!

Designed and Manufactured for Closed Circuit and Race Use. 

Please check with your local EPA authorities for compliance. 

*EXHAUST WARRANTY: Exhaust products are warranted against defect in material orworkmanship for a period of 12 months. This does not cover finishes such as platingor painted surfaces with discoloration or rust. Discoloration is not a warrantyissue and is a result of improper tuning. Toxic Pipes will not warranty any productthat has been abused or modified. Any part that is repaired or replaced under thiswarranty will, itself, be warrantied only for the remainder of the warranty periodof the original product. Warranty is not transferable and is only applicable to theoriginal retail purchaser.
Defective part must be returned and will be inspected.
Warranty covers repair or replacement at our discretion. Warranty does not cover return shipping, labor, other damage or incidentals. 
Any wrap on pipe VOIDS the Warranty. 

"Hellraiser" Evo Pipes

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