• Custom Brake Inserts

We see the Oval section on your Brake Caliper and HD sells a Chrome one that's really expensive, so we made ours in Gloss Black without a logo.

These are Quality Made Thick "Domed" Inserts made from a Composite Material that will Last as Long as Your Brakes!

Fits exactly in your Front Brake Caliper(s) of the same Shape, not all bikes have this now with the introduction of the "Brembo" Brakes.

Crack and Peel the sticker off the back and apply to your caliper, it's that easy!

Too BIG for the Rear Calipers, blame HD!

Heat Resistant!

Then get some "Hog Spit" product that will shine up the Calipers like Amoral!

1 Black Brake
Caliper Insert
$5.00 each

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Custom Brake Inserts

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