• NEW! M8 "Breakout" Upper Fork Tubes

NEW! M8 "Breakout" Upper Fork Tubes
and Fork Caps

Fits 2018 - 2020 "Breakouts"


New! "Milwaukee Eight" Breakout Upper Fork Tubes fit nicely on your 2018 and Up "Breakout".

Pretty easy install but you'll need a lift, to loosen the Triple Trees so you can slide the forks down, slip the tubes on

then re-position the Triple Trees back up and tighten the bolts!

Please use the proper tools and "Torque" the bolts to HD spec's or improper fitting could cause an accident!


Slides over OEM fork leg to blackout exposed fork area between triple clamps CNC machined billet aluminum.

Design matched to existing product lines!

And now we have 2 choices in Fork Caps! Smooth Domed and Spiked!

Pic's coming soon!

Mounts to your top Forks with set screws to hold it on.

"M8 Breakout"

 "Gloss Black"
Set of Two



Or just buy the Top Cover?

  Smooth or Spike
Fork Cap Set

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NEW! M8 "Breakout" Upper Fork Tubes

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