• 50/50 Led Brake/Turn Strips
Combines your Brake & Turns in One Led Strip

What a great idea!

This 50/50 Led Strip is designed for attaching to the Outer side of your Stock Fender, Saddlebags, Backrest Plate or ANY Surface!

This Led Strip Functions as Running Light, Brake Light and Turn Signals ALL in one Strip!

It's Different than the "Led Turn Signal Brake Strips" we sell.

Our LED Strip Features a Red Running Light and Full Led Brake Light Across the Entire Length of the Led Strip.

Hit your Turn Signal switch and that side LEDs will blink in Amber on either end of the Led Strip!

This is a Completely Different Led Strip than others out there!

The Red Leds Run the Full Length of the Strip and the Amber Leds are side by side with the Red ones but you wouldn't know it until you hit your brake or turn signals!


- Features Red Running & Brake along with Amber Turn Signals
- Entire light bar Illuminates as Running and Brake.
- As Turn Signal or Right or Left Side Switch from Red to Amber Turns
- Facing towards the Traffic makes for  wider visibility.
- Double Side Mounting Tape on back, just peel and Apply

- Instructions included 
- Includes 1 Dual Element Circuit.

Your Led Strip choice is Smoked Led Strip with Red Brakes and Amber Turns ONLY!

To measure the Length you need take a Fabric Tape Measure and measure the outerside of your Fender for the Correct Size!


7" Led Strips with Amber Turns & Red Brake Leds $63.00 

9.3" LED Strips with Amber Turns & Red Brakes Leds $83.00 

11.7" Led Strips with Amber Turns & Red Brake Leds $103.00 

14" Led Strips with Amber Turns & Red Brake Leds $103.00 

This is a Perfect way to mount on the outside of your Fender or Saddle Bags!

Please Measure the area your wanting the strip to go on BEFORE You Order!

Shipping is $8.00 for USA residents
 & may be more for larger lengths!

International Shipping is around $36.00
 and we Refund ALL Shipping Overcharges!

Not Legal in some States, check your State Requirements!
Note: Do not Directly light up your Turn Signals as Running Lights if they are AMBER, it's ILLEGAL!

NOTE: The only time you need a Signal Stabilizer (below) is for these to
work Properly If you have alot of LED's already on your bike this is the
answer to the Overload!

Not all bikes really need them unless you notice a fast pace turn signal
or a slow paced one then you will need it.

Install instructions are HERE

50/50 Led Brake/Turn Strips

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