• Quality Exhaust Wrap

Quality Exhaust Wrap


I've been around for a long time in the motorcycle industry, and every pipe I've seen with Wrap looks like Crap!

Sorry but after a couple of days it looks like you wrapped your cat around your pipes!

So I wasn't sold on the Wrap as I've seen pipes that Rust underneath and even Break Off while Riding!

The common cause of that is not letting the wrap Dry before Riding the bike, and we use a "Silicon" Spray that not only colors the Wrap a dark Black but seals in the wrap so it doesn't fade or discolor (as far as we know so far)   So we'll see.

After discovering these products we Sell Only Premium Exhaust Wraps that are Designed to keep Heat Contained within the Metal Pipes of the Exhaust System.

This keeps the Heat Expanded Longer Increasing the Velocity of gas flow out of the Exhaust Header and exhaust system mufflers.

Wrapping your header pipes with our Exhaust Wrap can Reduce ambient Temperatures by up to 50% while providing additional horsepower, engine protection and rider comfort.

All of our Exhaust Wraps are Woven using the Highest Quality Materials, Right here in the USA.

So Please follow the instructions provided it's not an easy job and it's messy so you have to have patience and mechanical skills help!.

To Secure the Exhaust wrap to the Headers, GR Customs offers a Proffesional Selection of Stainless Steel Ties and Clamps.

For additional protection and enhanced cosmetic appearance, the HT Silicone based paint can be applied to any of our exhaust wrap products.

* This spray helps seal out the moisture and provides additional fraying resistance.

*Not neccesary on the Titanium wraps as they have their own material in them

In addition, the wrap can improve performance by keeping exhaust gases hotter, lessening exhaust density, & accelerating exhaust flow.

In addition, wrapping pipes is an affordable way to dress up an old exhaust system, adding a cool custom look.

Material: Glass fiber with proprietary coating

  • Size: 1/16th thick Reduces radiant heat up to 50%
  • Increases velocity & improves scavenging for more efficient heat extraction
  • Decreases exhaust density & increases exhaust flow
  • Improves horsepower
  • Withstands 1200°F direct/2000°F radiant
  • Only exhaust wrap with sewn-in installation guide lines for proper overlap
  • Special coating for added durability and heat retention

Choose from our Stainless Steel Locking Ties they are the perfect way to fasten exhaust wrap for a easy, clean and professional installation.

And for installation you'll want the Lock Tie Tool it's only $5.95 and makes it easier to install than using Needle Nose Pliers.

Also the Silicone Coating Spray is Highly Recommended for Onyx (Black) Fiber Wrap to Penetrate, Seal, Protect and Prolong the Lifespan of Exhaust Wrap.
Not Available for the Tan wrap yet but they are working on it.

The "Titanium" Wrap has it's own Composite materials in the Fibers that will Keep the Fabric looking like new for years! No Spray is needed!

How do I measure for the Length I need?

Wrap Calculator

Input Values  
Pipe O.D. size (inches)
Length of Pipe (feet)
Wrap Width (inches)
Overlap (inches)
Calculated Values  
Minimum Suggested Length (feet)*
* Length is an estimate and does not account for bends in the pipe.

The only way you can use this calculator is for pipes you have there and know the lengths.


    Black Onyx Wrap

2" Wide x 15' Roll

2" Wide x 50' Roll

2" wide x 65' roll

2" wide x 100' roll


Tan Wrap
Does Not have a Silicone Spray

2" wide x 15' roll


  2" wide x 50' roll

2" wide x 100' roll

Titanium Wrap

"The Original" Titanium exhaust wrap, with LR Technology, is made from pulverized lava rock and stranded into a fiber material and woven into a proprietary weave.

Titanium wrap is engineered to be stronger than Glass fiber wraps for improved thermal performance and reliability.

In addition, Titanium exhaust wrap is very pliable, making installation easier and allowing for a tighter wrap.

   2" wide x 15' roll

2" wide x 25' roll

2" wide x 35' roll

  2" wide x 50' roll

2" wide x 100' roll

Custom Lengths Available email us at Sales@GRcustoms.com


Locking Ties are perfect for securing wrap to pipes with it's self-locking design.
Locking Ties offer many other uses including bundling wires, hoses, and other forms of insulation products.
Just slide end into locking mechanism and pull tight.

    Constructed of high grade 304 stainless steel
    Heat rated up to 2500°F
    Strong – 100 lb tensile strength

8 pack; 2" dia.

4 pack; 4" dia.

10 pack; 6" dia.

    Use the our "Locking Tie Tool" for easy installation


For a Fit and Finish you might want these Products too!

Stainless Steel Wide Band T-Bar Clamps

Our Wide Band series of clamps are the perfect choice if you are looking to enhance the look of our Exhaust wrap on your Motorcycle.
These clamps are .75 inches wide to cover the end of the wrap and give a clean transition from wrap to pipe.
Made entirely from 300 series stainless steel, they will stay new looking for years.
Available in two of the most popular pipe sizes.

Can be polished to a Show Finish
Great as an Exhaust Clamp
Provides a Clean Transition from Wrap to Pipe

2.25" to 2.56"

1.88" to 2.19"

HT Silicone Coating
for Onyx Wrap ONLY!!!


The High Temperature (HT) Silicone Coating provides lasting protection for any hot surface up to 1500°F.

Manufacture recommends the use of this coating with their exhaust wrap because it seals the material and provides lasting protection from oil, dirt and road grime.

Don't limit the use to exhaust header wrap, this product works well on headers, blocks, starters and even on your grill at home.


Before Silicone Spray                  After Silicone Spray on

Refreshes your Wrap so it always looks New! And you can keep it Looking New with Fresh Coats!

HT Silicone Coating is VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) compliant in all 50 states.

DO NOT USE the HT spray on Titanium exhaust wraps! They are already in the Fabric!

    Heat protection up to 1500°F
    Penetrates, seals, protects and prolongs the lifespan of exhaust wrap
    Protection from abrasions, hot oil spills & road grime
    Many uses around the home and shop
    12 oz. cans


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Quality Exhaust Wrap

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